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Sports Development
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How can we help
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Sports Development

Sports DevelopmentRegular participation in sport is important for health, for well-being, for self-confidence and for feeling part of the communities we live in. FC United is committed to delivering projects that aim to encourage more people to participate in sport more often. Sport should be a prerogative for both young people and adults, and following this belief we deliver our projects across a wide range of ages.


Women's Football Team
North Manchester Community Games

For more information about our community & educational work please contact us on 0161 769 2005 or email office@fc-utd.co.uk

7.3 Women's Football Team

The Women's team is an integral part of the club. Set up in the season 2012/2013, the team finished as runner up in both the Greater Manchester Women's League and in the League Cup, a great result for a newly established team. Currently in its second season, the women's team is a positive addition to FC United both on and off the pitch.

The women's team is also a key contribution to our community work, as current board member and match-day secretary for the team Kate Ramsey explains:

'The women's team is an asset to the club. We have an ambassadorial role and we can reach the community in a different way to the rest of the club, especially when engaging girls in educational programmes on health and fitness through sport, nutrition and healthy living. Women's football is the 3rd fastest growing sport in the country and our aspiration is to bring through women from playing, to coaching and also to refereeing.'

The women's team is currently involved in several activities around the club, supporting branch meetings, attending events and working with our radio team.

If you want to know more about the women's team please contact us on: womensteam@fc-utd.co.uk

Watch our documentaries about the women's team and our event 'A woman's place is at the match'.

'A Woman's Place Is On The Pitch', by FCUMtv

'A woman's place at the match - Women & FC United - doing different' by History Project Moston.

7.6 North Manchester Community Games

The North Manchester Community Games Event is an initiative to provide opportunities for residents in the 6 wards of north Manchester to actively engage in Sport and physical exercise and also to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The North Manchester Community Games was originally created due to the success of the Wythenshawe Games and as a part of a legacy programme following the successful London 2012 Olympics. Building on the success and progress made at 2014 North Manchester Community Games, at this years' event we recorded 855 active participants.

The Community Games Event allows members of the local community the opportunity to try a variety of sports and activities, all for free. All of the sports and activities on offer are then available for continued participation in north Manchester. It is in the interest of each of the clubs delivering at the event to encourage members of the community to try their sport/activity, this then creates a platform for dialogue to begin the promotion of what they can offer going forward. Continued participation is aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of north Manchester residents and also to support local clubs to improve their sustainability and encourage future growth. This is part of the legacy set out by the Community Games project.

We would like to thank all the clubs for their excellent deliver at the event and also in the weeks surrounding the event.